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KendallJaye Collard Week 163: The Dual Breed

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Title: The Dual Breed

from the journal of Aubrey Heughan

If the preliminary testing is to be believed, tonight’s full moon will no longer bring the change. Even as I sit here at my desk, my hands are shaking at the thought of once again being normal. Being able to visit a beach that isn’t blackened by sunless skies. Being able to taste food. Being able to feel the burn in my lungs from sprinting. So many things I miss.

When the Wolf and Pyre started their battle on my doorstep, I had no idea what was to come. One howling and vicious. One bloodthirsty and enraged. I opened my door to discover the source of the commotion only to be the target of them both. With a creature drawing blood from each side of my neck, I was instantly changed into something else. Suffering the traits of each. All of the strengths. All of the weaknesses. And somehow the perfect amalgamation of both supernatural creatures.

When the Pyre had had his fill, he turned to flee. The Wolf gave chase. I was left on my front step bleeding to death. The last thing I remember from that night was staring at the full of the moon as my eyes glazed over from death.

I woke in a lavender field at sunrise with the scorch of the sun. Naked, I fled for cover in a nearby cave. I had no memory of how I came to be that field. But the metallic taste of blood filled in more detail that I cared to remember. I waited until sunset to head back to my cottage.

I was told all the stories of folklore from my mother. I thought they were meant to frighten children into good behavior. Now I knew they were true. My father had been a skilled surgeon before war called him away. When he came home, he gave me all of his tools and jumped from The Crags to his death. Mother followed him three years later. I used her stories and his tools to start crafting a way to return to human immediately.

And so it seemed that my imperfect parents were indeed perfectly preparing me for a future I could never have predicted.

Three years of changing with moons to drink blood.

No more.

I’ve administered the injection. My left arm feels like it’s filled with bees. The sensation is starting to cross into my chest.

It’s hard to concentrate.

I hope [ILLEGIBLE] tomorrow.

I am afraid.

I am alone.

I pray no one reads [ILLEGIBLE TO END]


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