Monday, August 24, 2015

SJ Maylee Week 165: The Rooster’s Crow

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Title: The Rooster’s Crow

Jenny left her house, letting the screen door slam closed to consume the void where her husband would have reminded her to be careful on her morning walk. Her days were mostly filled with quiet now. All those seemingly dull conversations were no longer an option, unless she spoke to the ghost that haunted her.

She made her way down the country road to the little stream. The smell of wet dirt filled the air and the soft ground squished under her old tennis shoes. She kept going until she could see the water.

The sounds of a rooster crowing brought her attention further down the embankment. A single hen and her rooster stood along the water’s edge. Pressure built in her chest and at the backs of her eyes. Years ago, this was the place where her Charlie had forced her to promise him she’d go on after he’d past. He never intended for her to stay on at the farm and keep their life going. He’d made her promise that she’d move along and rebuild her life.

“Damn you, Charlie, for leaving me!” she shouted. Emptiness walled her in and gave her nowhere to go. All she wanted was for the love of her life not to be dead. She had no desire to build something that he’d never see.

The rooster crowed again and her tears flowed anew.


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