Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jenn Monty Week 88: Silence in the Morning

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Title: Silence in the Morning

How does the morning always find me?
I hide so completely with you
Tucked away from the light;
And yet the sun creeps
Across the bedroom wall,
Pecking at you relentlessly.

The silence of morning
Plays with the grey light of dawn
Pushing up the pain of you.
Clinging to the dream,
I hold fast to the night
So I don't lose my grip on sanity.

Only the decay of time is so thorough
Washing away the real world
Leaving dust behind
You are my dream
A slight whisper
in the silence of the morning


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Jenn Monty, also known as Brewed Bohemian, is a lover of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and anything with "Punk" in the name. She is an avid reader and writes flash fiction at