Sunday, March 30, 2014

Miranda Kate Week 92: The Dive

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Title: The Dive

She stood petrified, the wood beneath her feet stable, but the abrupt ending leaving her paralysed. She had negotiated the previous gap on this narrow bridge and successfully jumped over, but that one hadn’t been this wide. She watched others on the other side, some on bicycles, going careening off into the ocean below. It was a challenge many thought was a lark.

“Liz! Come on, jump! You can do it!”

She watched Nick dive off in a forward roll. For a second she saw double and it looked there was two of him; twins clutching their knees to their chest as they rolled over and over into the water below.

Her feet tingled. She thought about turning back, but the concept of what that entailed struck her: movement and the risk of becoming unbalanced. Her palms ran slick with sweat and she knew she had to face this and make an attempt at least.

The ocean seemed so far down. She wondered at the force of hitting it, how quickly would she return to the surface? The tingling in her feet increased through her legs to her finger tips. She swallowed, her mouth cotton dry, and closed her eyes to breath, slamming them open again as it caused her mind to swoon.

She could do it, she could, she had to, there was no going back. What did they say? Leap and the net will appear. She chuckled. Yeah right, as if.

The laugh relaxed her. She drew in a deep breath, her eyes fixed on the other end of the bridge, like a gymnastics bar she would have to land with precision.

She put a foot behind her, hunching slightly as she braced herself for the launch.

One more breath and GO!

She ran three steps, arms wide, and threw herself up and out.


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  1. Way to go, Liz! Face those fears. :)

  2. Love her build up and bravery. Her fear is tangible. And the ending is so uplifting. x

  3. This was great, Miranda! I was right up there with her. You described the scene so well.