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Lizzie Koch Week 92: Under the Dome

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Title: Under the Dome

First impressions of my new home as I was driven down the long tree lined drive wasn’t exactly promising. How was I going to be safe here when it looked more like a hotel?

“You are very safe here, I can assure you,” said a smiling, well dressed man as I stepped from the car. “Just because you can’t see the security, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And it is like a hotel in as much as you can use the facilities in your own time.”

“And the rest of the time?”

“You’ll be in class.” He smiled again.

I offered a half smile, grabbed my rucksack and followed him in, trying to suppress my nerves. I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t want to be the only freak in the building but wasn’t sure how I’d react in meeting others like me.

“We don’t use the word ‘freak’ here Beth. And everyone here has a gift. You’re not alone. This is the best place for you. Trust me.”

So, Doctor Lucas could read my mind. That actually reassured me but I would need to control my thoughts or at least make them polite and clean. His grin told me he had read that too.

That night, I had the first proper sleep since I could remember. No bad dreams invaded my mind making me wake in a cold sweat, screaming with anxiety as the pain in my head felt like it was crushing my brain. Oozing confidence, I joined my classmates in the training dome, eager to make new friends, see what they could do and learn about what I could do.

Doctor Lucas looked upon us from outside the dome. Everyone seemed to be waiting for something, not uttering a word. The dome started to move slowly. I was the only one who stumbled, grabbing onto the side as the dome sped up. I saw two girls hover. Another disappeared completely so I wasn’t sure what he did to stop feeling sick. Others started to run around the dome, faster and faster, almost a blur. I clung on, my knuckles white as the dome spun faster, lifting my feet from the floor. I couldn’t even scream as the air was squeezed from my lungs. Feeling faint, my grip loosened, flinging me across the dome, crashing into the other side with a crash. Tumbling to the floor, I was like a ball in a lottery machine, bouncing off the sides. No one helped me. I couldn’t see anyone to help me as I hit the side again with such force, I dented the side and for a split second I sat there before being flung again.

Anger flared.

Instead of flying around like a rag doll, I flew at the side, grabbing on to the wall, digging my heels into the floor. I pulled and pulled, my arms burning as my heels ripped away at the floor but gradually the dome slowed before coming to a complete stop.

I sank to the floor, exhausted, holding a piece of the dome in my hands.

“Took you long enough to find your power,” one of the boy’s said, full of sarcasm, now appearing right in front of me. I glared through my damp fringe. My anger hadn’t dissipated as I made a grab for him but he vanished. With a frustrated scream, I punched the side of the dome again and again and again until I felt the anger ebb away.

“Sorry. It was a joke. I don’t mean to upset you. You should have seen me the first time. I knew I had invisibility but didn't know I could hover and fly until the dome. Screwed up way of finding out. I’m Matt.”

“Beth.” He pulled me up.

“But you’re the first to make a mess of the dome,” he laughed. I noticed the trenches caused by my heels as well as the side of the dome ripped away and dents all over it. “And you’re the only one of us to have super strength. Not sure Doctor Lucas will like that.”

I looked up to him. He looked deep in thought. Was he reading my mind? Well I wasn’t about to apologise for the damage. It was his fault anyway. I matched his gaze. A sharp pain stabbed at my eyes.

“Are you OK?” Matt asked.

Don’t fight it.

“Fight what?” I screamed, make it stop.”

“What?” Matt asked.

Let your mind go free.

“I can’t. I don’t know how!”

“Beth? Who are you talking to?”

“Dr Lucas . . . he’s telling me to . . .” I screamed again.

I’m not saying anything Beth. You’re reading my mind. Don’t fight it and the headaches will disappear.

Taking a deep breath, I looked up at him.

“Beth, Doctor Lucas is not cross with you,” Matt said.

“I know,” I replied, smiling,. “He just told me.” I saw the puzzled look on Matt’s face.

“Ahh, I get it. I guess I’m going to have to be careful around you with my thoughts, which is a shame,” he said as we left the dome.


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  1. I really got the feeling of being the outsider in this piece. Great introduction to strange situation.