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Pablo Michaels Week 90: Spring Break

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Title: Spring Break

It was 10:30 pm., Friday night on Spring Break at the Boardwalk. I was waiting for a prearranged date with Sam. It had been twenty years ago since we met Jane here. We were only sixteen but managed to fool our parents, staying the entire weekend at the Hotel, nearby, instead of a school sponsored retreat.

Jane, the supposed person of our wooing, had nicknamed Sam, Sammie, and me, Chucky. Jane's affection seesawed back and forth between us. Vying to win her attention, Sammie challenged me for the final tally of points to win free parasailing for two on the beach. Even though I was more adept in Skeeball, Sammie had outscored me by 300 points in all the other games. I suspected he didn't even try with this last game, allowing me to win by 400 points. I gave the grand prize, a giant panda bear, to Jane who was less than thrilled. She grabbed my gift and ran down toward the beach where it was quite dark and deserted, Sammie and I chasing her as she ran into the cold ocean water. I thought Sammie had won her favor when she lost her footing from a large approaching wave and fell. Sammie rescued her as I attempted to retrieve the soaked stuffed animal. Shivering from our drenched clothes, we propped the heavy Panda bear against the arcade stairs and rushed to our hotel rooms.

Jane retired to the adjacent room Sammie and I shared, hinting she must rest for sunning on the beach the next day but winking at Sammie before shutting her door. I was not surprised to find his bed empty when I came out of the bathroom to go to bed. He obviously was with Jane.

I woke around four a.m. to a knock from the adjoining door. Jane was surprised then worried when Sammie was not in our room. I listened to her account of their attempt to make love and Sammie’s failure to perform.

That happened three hours earlier when Sammie fled her room.

Although we asked the concierge if he paid for another room, he had disappeared. Jane and I searched the boardwalk, the rest of the weekend, only relying on a platonic bond to salvage our vacation without Sammie.

After Spring Break when we returned to school, Sammie explained his flight, only as needing his space. Jane and I remained, only, platonic friends while Sammie disengaged his ties to us, concentrating on his studies.

After twenty years I was surprised by Sammie’s request to meet him at the Boardwalk. He booked our rooms at the same hotel, prompting me to meet him at the Skeeball concession at eleven at night. I accepted, desiring to see the kid I always had a secret crush for all those years. I wondered if he was gay like me.

Exactly at the arranged time, two hands from behind covered my eyes. “Are you up for a different kind of date this time?” he asked. “But I won’t let you win Skeeball this time.”

I turned around. A more than average attractive man, who had challenged me, showered me with a sensual grin.


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Pablo Michaels writes LGBT fiction and has published with Naughty Nights Press, You can follow him at @bell2mike



  1. Reunions are so much fun, aren't they?

  2. Again, a most moving post, a tearful youthful experience explained only by time. You write these scenes with the best of them, Pablo. So gutwrenchingly real. You spin your creative wheels on these site and in groups where only one or two people read your work, if they even do, and write a cursory footnote. Your time is better spent giving fullfledged flight to your kite, wings to your history and story. Sting all of these passages together and weave a book about you, and you will have found your voice. Follow your Sammie's lead, "Sammie disengaged his ties to us, concentrating on his studies." And write the book that is still inside you. ~ ☼ღஜ レo√乇 ¸.☆¨¯`*.✿.*˜"*°