Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Samantha Lee Week 92: Leap

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Samantha Lee’s Picture Choice: 2

Title: Leap

I had a dream once that I was someone else. I wasn't the girl in the darkness, the girl with nightmares shadowing her soul and horror trapped in her eyes. I wasn't my father's daughter or heir to a kingdom that chose to turn their backs on me when the demons descended and tore into me, ripping me apart until only screams and howls and tears remained. I wasn't the lost princess, hunted like a scented fox on the run from hell itself, sought for what she could do and what she was rather than who. I was someone else, someone free, someone...someone normal.

I didn't need to be the girl with the plan. I didn't need to be forever reassessing the board and adjusting my plays accordingly. I didn't need to be concerned with what my enemies were up to or worry about whether or not my friends were safe and protected from harm. I was without responsibilities, without burdens, without the suffocating pressure of memory.

I laughed, surprised and delighted, the feeling so foreign, so light, like feathers and breezes. Wind blew through my hair, tossing it carelessly around my shoulders and carrying with it the scent of oceans and sunlight. Perfect cerulean sky arched over me and sapphire waters spread out before me. I ran, ignoring the stones that bit into my feet, relishing in the echoes of the wood as my steps fell against them in a swift staccato.

Laughing, joyful, free, I leapt.

And woke.


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