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Jenn Baker Week 62: The Big Day

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Title: The Big Day

She stood in the middle of the room, waiting. Her hair and makeup were done; it was time to put on her gown.

"Melissa, I'm ready for my gown." Liz heard her best friend move to where the gown was hanging.

"Liz, do you want to redo your hair? It's not perfect."

"No mom, I want it like it is." Liz heard her mother let out a sigh. Her mom was always perfect from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. But she wasn't her mom.

"Time to put on your chemise, Liz." Monica stood in front of her holding the off white fabric in front of her.

Liz started unbuttoning her sleeveless shirt. Her gown was multiple layers, styled after a renaissance gown. The first layer was the chemise, then the under skirt, and finally the over dress with the built in corset. Liz pulled the chemise over her head with help from Monica, to keep it from catching on the flower head band. Once the chemise was settled around her thighs, Monica grabbed the off white under skirt.

Placing her hands on Monica's shoulders, Liz stepped in the skirt. Once the waist band was tightened and the chemise was back in place, Melissa walked over with the red over dress. The over dress went on like a coat, with the corset lacing in the front. Melissa laced the corset with gold lacing, pulling it tight.

"Okay, you are ready." Melissa said as she stepped back. "Don't let anyone near you with any food other than water. I'm going to go put on my dress, and I'll be back."

Liz walked over to the mirror. The red over dress had gold Celtic knot work along the edge of the split front of the skirt and around the bottom of the skirt. The bottom of the off white under skirt had red knot work around the bottom. There was also knot work around the collar of the chemise.

"You look beautiful." Liz's mom whispered as she stood next to her. "Your dad is going to cry when he sees you." Liz smiled. She didn't think he would actually cry, but knew that he would get misty eyed.

"Liz, it's time." Melissa said from the door.

"Are you ready for this?" Liz's mom asked. Liz looked at her mom and smiled.

"I'm more than ready for this." Liz looked at her friends. "Let's go get married."


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Jenn lives in central Florida with her best friend and husband, Andy. When not reviewing books on her book blog, PonyTails Book Reviews, she writes her own Contemporary Western Romance and Scottish Historicals. Jenn is hoping to have her first novel, The Prodigal Cowboy, published in the fall of 2013.


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