Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jenn Monty Week 62: The Letter

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Title: The Letter

“P.S. I Love You”,
She said into the wind
As the clouds floated by
And a tear went to her chin.

“The world’s your oyster”
She read the line aloud.
The letter slowly fluttered
As she melted to the ground.

“Be strong, unwavering.”
The next line made her grin,
Her mother knew her best
“Always carry your pen.”

“Remember when I’m not there,”
She choked the next words out
“That I’ll love you more than ever.”
As if there was any doubt.

“Don’t let the cancer beat you,
Just because it has beaten me.
This is just a body;
My soul is happy and free.”

“P.S. I Love You.”
She read the line again.
Today she’d lost her mother;
Today she’d lost her friend.

She folded up the paper
That her mom had left behind
A last little present
That was only hers to find.


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