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Michela Walters Week 59: Far, Far Away

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Title: Far, Far Away

“You know I hate being away from you too, right?” I wanted her to believe my words. Even though my job sent me around the globe, she was ‘it’ for me, but that fact alone didn’t make the time apart any easier.

Seeing her face through her webcam, she looked as despondent as I’d ever seen. I wished my assignment was coming to a close, instead I’d just had to relay that I would be away for another two weeks minimum to try and salvage the project. Needless to say, Maya hadn’t taken the news well.

She finally looked up into the camera, and even the grainy resolution didn’t hide any of her unhappiness. “Why are we doing this?” Her voice shook with emotion and I craved to reach out and console her with my warmth instead of with the cold, tinny replication of my voice.

I leaned into the computer, urging her to look at me, no not look at me, but to see me. “Don’t say that, baby, you know why we’re doing this. Once I put this to bed I ‘ve already set aside two weeks to spend with you. As soon as the the timeline’s been finalized, I’m booking us tickets to Jamaica where we’ll do nothing but sit on the beach--” “You do realize I work right? That while you’re galavanting around the world, I can’t just up and leave my job for two weeks to spend with you on a moments notice on some deserted isle.”

Ah, my girl was getting feisty, I knew she lashed out when she was scared, so I did what I do best, joke. “You realize Jamaica isn’t deserted, right?”

I watched as she threw her hands up and marched away from the camera in frustration. “God, why can’t you take anything seriously. I’m trying to tell you this isn’t working for me.” Her voice continued to rise with each sentence, “I’m trying to tell you that I want to see other people, because as of right now, this isn’t worth it.

My jaw dropped as she enunciated each word as if she were trying to hurt me. “You don’t mean that, do you?” I whispered, closing my eyes for fear she might see me breakdown at the mere thought of losing her.

I heard her sigh and sit back down based on the squeak her chair made with every movement. Opening my eyes I saw the desperation in her eyes as well, “Something’s gotta give, Bill.”

“Can you give me two more weeks?” I urged, wanting nothing more than to quit the project and head home, but I couldn’t do that. I’d spend months working on this and not only was my company’s reputation hanging on the outcome, but my own as well. If I up and left, It would take me years to try and win back the goodwill I had so effectively built up over the last ten years. “Two weeks, that all I’m asking.” I knew I was begging, but I had little left to barter with other than my pride at this point. Maya had been more patient and forgiving than I’d realized and I had been taking her love for granted. Something I didn’t plan on doing again. “Find out when in the next month you can take two weeks off, because I’m going to make make you fall in love with me all over again.”

She looked reluctant, but relented, finally saying she had to get ready for work, but that she’d inquire with her boss about when she might be able to take off for a holiday.

“You won’t regret it, hon. I promise.”

With a heavy sigh, she replied, “I know. Love you.” The screen went blank and I was left with an entire night to try and figure out how I could make this vacation one she wouldn’t ever forget. No, not only one she wouldn’t forget, but one where perhaps she might even end up with a ring around her finger and memories she’d have for a lifetime.

Switching off my webcam, I opened up my browser and started my research, not caring if took all night.


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