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Pablo Michaels Week 61: Marooned

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Pablo Michaels’s Picture Choice: 2

Title: Marooned

By late afternoon Brian and Joseph realized they were stranded.

“If you hadn’t run into that ditch, we wouldn’t be stuck here. And going to this castle. Why did we come this late? Shit! It’s almost dark.” Brian tossed his head in disgust.

“There have been no cars in an hour. Besides you’re the one who forgot our cell phones. Look at that bright star.” Joseph pointed above the turret of the castle in the distance.

They stepped side by side along the rural road, ascending the barren rocky landscape. They crossed over the moat of the castle’s drawbridge.

“Isn’t this great!” Joseph wrapped his arm around Brian’s shoulders tightly. “We’re going into a medieval castle at night.”

“I suppose you’re going to make this a romantic adventure. Just because we’re in France. What’d you expect- Nottingham? I suppose you want to go and see if someone’s in there?”

“That’s the point. The door is open.”

Walking through the raised portcullis, they entered the bailey.

“There doesn’t appear to be anyone here.” Brian listened for audible sounds.

“Nothing is lit either.”

“What are we supposed to do now genius?”

“We can’t walk back. Let’s go exploring. We might find someplace comfortable for the night.” Joseph leaped ahead in search of somewhere sheltered.

“What a way to spend our honeymoon. I wish we were back in our hotel eating dinner.” Brian followed Joseph’s lead.

A grinding clank echoed behind them.

“Oh no!”

“We’re trapped.” Brian scoffed, as they watched the portcullis lower.

“There must have been a timer set for closing it. Come on. We have to hurry to find a place for the night. We have only that bright star above for light.” Joseph led them into an enclosed room deeper in the bailey. “This must have been the lord’s chamber.” He looked inside the dark room. “Do you have your lighter?” Brian reached into his jacket pocket, retrieving the item. He flicked the flame on. “Are we going to spend the night in here?”

“Well, yeah. It doesn’t seem that bad. We could cuddle together.”

“What about rats and bats? It smells damp and rancid, like death.”

“It does have a bad odor. We’ll find somewhere else, maybe up the wall.”

“It’s called a curtain wall.” Brian corrected his partner. “At least up there we’ll see if anyone passes. What’s that?”

“I heard it too.”

“Sounded like someone moaning. I’m getting of this room.”

“It’s probably just the wind blowing.” Joseph followed Brian’s exit into the main bailey.

After scaling the keep, they gazed at the dark landscape below through a murder-hole, waiting for the arrival of dawn and a rescue.

“Let’s snuggle together and keep warm. Joseph pulled Brian close to him.

“Once a romantic, always a romantic.” Brian relented. He kissed him.

“Hey, you up there.” A voice called out down below the drawbridge.

“Just when I was about to make love to you.” Joseph removed his hand from its clasp on Brian’s butt.

“We’re trapped in here.” Brian shouted loudly to the person below, ignoring Joseph’s remark.

“I saw your car. I’ll call the gatekeeper.”


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Pablo Michaels writes LGBT fiction and has published with Naughty Nights Press, You can follow him at @bell2mike


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  1. Wonderful! I pictured every move... and hope they make up for lost time after being rescued!