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Miranda Kate Week 58: The Net Falls

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Title: The Net Falls

Her scent reached him as soon as she came into close proximity to him. It was exquisite; it made him stop and stare. He watched her as she glided from person to person introducing herself, smiling, laughing, and talking. He wondered what she was doing here in his nightclub, he hadn’t seen her before and new people were a rarity. Everyone responded to her with the same curiosity.

Michael observed her as she made her way towards him. She wasn't tall, but her posture and sense of presence gave her length, and made her stand out. Her long blonde hair glimmered in the low light as it hung loosely down her back. A piece fell over her shoulder as she tilted her head in conversation, framing her face. It set off her green catlike eyes, making her particular kind of beauty irresistible; he was riveted.

Michael was still gazing at her when she turned to him and looked in his direction, and he remained captivated as she strode towards him.

Her voice was low and soft when she extended her hand and said, “Hi, it’s Michael, isn’t it? I’m Isabella. I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, I’ve heard so much about you, and your nightclub.” She looked round at the expanse of the night club from the third floor balcony they were on, and said, “It's a great place you've got here, with an interesting mix of people.”

Michael responded by taking her hand and returning her firm grasp. “Hi Isabella, nice to meet you. Yes, I like it; people come from all over to experience it, but then there aren’t many places like it. It’s your first time tonight, isn’t it? Have you had a full look round?”

“No, I haven’t, maybe you could show me, if you’ve got time?”

The small smile she gave him along with the way she tilted her head when she asked, indicated to Michael that the attraction was mutual.

“Yes, I’ve got all night. I’d love to.”

Michael offered her his arm and they walked round the balcony to a small viewing area that looked down over the dance floor below, talking about how he designed the place. He leaned against the chrome railings and pointed out the DJ’s box on the first floor above the dance floor.

“It took a while to work out how to construct that, but in the end it worked, thanks to the sound engineers working out the placement of the speakers.” Michael pointed to various places below and above them in the corners where each floor met. Isabella could just make out small square boxes hanging on the outside of the balconies at every corner.

“How many floors are there?”

“There are six in total, with a bar on each one. The sixth floor is really a second dance floor, with a roof terrace as well.”

“Wow, that sounds spectacular!”

“Come, I’ll show you.” He offered his arm again and she took it easily, happy to squeeze into him as they passed people on their way to the elevator; her scent still intoxicating him.

When they came out, Isabella could see how they had extended the widths of this floor on either side to give it more dance space, and the railings were set much higher.

Michael led her straight out onto the roof terrace and went to order some drinks at the bar, while she walked to the edge and tried to look over. She could just about manage to peer over the top of the wall, and marvel at the distance. A nightclub that started on the fifteenth floor was a unique idea, and someone with that kind of imagination had to be interesting.

Michael returned with two cocktails, handing her one, and they sipped them as they marvelled at the spectacular views the location afforded over the dense city.

They spent most of the evening up there, and Michael barely noticed that he was the one doing most of the talking while she deflected all his questions. It was only the following morning when he woke up alone that he started to think about it. If it wasn’t for the tiny note she’d left on her pillow with her number, he would have thought it was deliberate. But he decided that it was normal at the beginning of a new relationship to hold back a little, especially when you didn’t know the other person very well. Plus all the non-verbal communication they’d had, more than made up for it, and he was confident it was just a matter of time.

Instead he thought about how long he should leave it before he called her again; he didn’t want to appear too eager.


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  1. She's a mysterious one. . . . what is she up to? I love the build up and how she maneuvers him to where she wants him. x

  2. You always create such strong images... It makes things that much more familiar and real. Very nice.

  3. Thanks Jeff, glad it works. The series works together, there are clues in the previous episodes.