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Samantha Redstreake Geary Week 60: Jinn & Tonic

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Title: Jinn & Tonic

I twirl the heavy ring between my fingers, the ancient etchings casting eerie reflections on the polished bar’s sticky surface.

Disappointment didn’t mix well with the seven or so drinks I drowned my sorrows in. I felt certain I had made the biggest discovery of the all I’m certain of is a nasty morning ahead and an embarrassing end to a promising career.

“That is an interesting trinket. Might I have a look?” a voice behind me purrs, laced with an appealing accent I can’t identify.

I swivel my chair around to meet the voice and almost topple to the floor amongst the remnants of peanut shells and spilled promises. My head stops spinning long enough to focus on the spectre that towered over me, her form shrouded in inky cloth that moved like living smoke.

She cocks her head, studying me intensely with striking violet eyes, their smoldering edges crinkle with hidden amusement.

My mind refuses to communicate with my mouth, which hangs open in disbelief.

“Your ring, it looks... familiar.” she whispers, edging closer to me. A current of sweet honeysuckle clings to the air around us, an impressive perfume considering the competing smells of the overcrowded bar.

It’s intoxicating...or maybe I’m just intoxicated...I should probably say something, I look like an idiot.

Before I can respond, she snakes a milky white hand towards me and gingerly removes the ring from my sweaty palm. She holds the glinting gold up to her face, a melodic tune pours from her lips.

“From ages long and secrets deep,
the hopes and dreams of life do keep,
until one finds the truth they reap.”

“That’s beautiful...did you write it?” I ask, mesmerized.

“Not I,” she replied, her voice hoarse with emotion. “It’s engraved into the walls of this prison with the blood of a powerful sorcerer.”

I stumble out of my chair and snatch the ring from her grasp, excitement and confusion wrestling in my gut. “You can read these symbols? That’s amazing! I mean, I’ve taken this to the top archaeologists in the world and not one could decipher it.”

“It’s an extinct script not used for more than 2,500 years.”

“But, how do you know it? Are you a language expert, because, I gotta tell ya, that would be stupendous! You could really save my a--”

“Aladdin. He bore the ring, among others.”

“I’m sorry, did you just say this is the ring of Aladdin? Are you serious? I mean, I knew it was ancient and my instincts screamed this was a career altering find, but Aladdin’s infamous’s unbelievable! Could you write that down--the translation?”

She pins me with a searing glare.

“My apologies. I’m Dr. Galland. And you are?” I ask, hand outstretched.

“Jinn.” she offers, leaving my palm hanging empty in the fragrant air.

“Jinn, that’s interesting, sounds Arabic. May I ask how you came about this information--the ancient script and where you derived your sources?”

“My sources?” she asks, amusement lighting up her startling gaze. “I’ve been trapped inside the belly of that beast for eons. I am the only source.”

My mind struggles to wrap itself around the idea of this exotic creature, the possibilities kicking up a tempest that threatened to short-circuit all rational thought. “Whoa...I’m gonna need another gin and tonic.”

“As you wish.”


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  1. Just beautiful. So skilfully woven, Samantha! The title is perfect.

    Thank you. What a treat!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Vidya! Glad you liked my cheeky title:)

  2. Oh wow, that was amazing. Such a great plot, and so well written. I was mesmerized along with your archeologist...
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. Oh, thank you, Tina, I appreciate that:)

  3. Replies
    1. So glad you liked it, Susan, thanks:)

  4. Damn, that is some mighty fine storytelling!!! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!!

    1. Just the reaction I'm going for:) Thanks, Ruth!

  5. This is awesome! I'm a big fan of genies :D

    1. They are fun to work with--all the free drinks you could ask for:)

  6. Uh oh...careful what you wish for, Doc! :-)

    1. Exactly! At least wish for a proper drink like a mojito:)

  7. Superb! What a wonderful concept!

    1. Thank you, Miranda! It was fun to write:)

  8. Good grief, I cannot seem to get a clone or a clone machine. So, Samantha, please be patient with me :)

    Dear lady, your words doth sing from my computer screen. Tis a fine way you have with words. The lucidity to the story is engrossing. Well done, you! :)

    Gary :)

    1. Your in such high demand, Gary, I would keep searching for that clone machine--and when you find one, let me know:) Your opinion is always valued and appreciated:)

  9. Another winner here. Love how you used the prompt. You've got a terrific voice.

    1. Thanks, Jeff! The gin & tonics helped:)