Monday, December 10, 2012

Jen DeSantis Week 25: Microphone

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Jen DeSantis’ Choice: 1

Title: Microphone

You hold a mirror up to my heart:
           Reflect the demons and reveal my weaknesses.
           You hide nothing from me and in your eyes I see my truth.

I am dark.
I am broken.
I am healing.
I am weak.
But I am strong.

You hold a microphone up to my soul.

Multiply my strength and fortify my courage
You heighten my will with a glance and intensify the fire within.

You feed me.
You tear me down.
You build me up.
You break me.
But you amplify me.

I am the notebook, but you hold the pencil.
And highlighting.

You are changing my story
Amplifying my message
With your mirror and your microphone.

And I will never be the same.


Jennifer DeSantis is a Horror and Paranormal Author and host of the #FridayPictureShow. She lives near Philly with her family. In her spare time is an aspiring ninja.