Monday, December 31, 2012

Jen DeSantis Week 28: What Lies Within

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Jen DeSantis’ Choice: Both

Title: What Lies Within

“Shh.” Cristobel put a finger to her lips as she beckoned me forward. “Step carefully.”

We wound our way down a narrow trail. Strange, luminescent lanterns lit the overgrown path. The dim, orange light played strangely in Cristobel’s blue hair and I followed closely behind her, eager to see what might be waiting for us.

She’d enchanted me from the moment I met her. She wore her weirdness like a badge of honor, and I loved the way she laughed in the face of those who might mock her. None of it ever bothered her. Her devil-may-care attitude earned her some strange looks, but it also earned her many friends. People were drawn to her honesty.

“We’re close,” she whispered.

I smiled and hurried to follow in her sure steps. What secret could Cristobel have to hide? What treasures would they be that no one but me was worthy to see?

The lanterns led to a small hut, tucked neatly into the green forest and almost completely hidden. The walls were covered in moss and climbing ivy. I couldn’t see a door through the tangle of foliage.

Cristobel turned to me and smiled through the blue-green waves of her hair. She held out a hand and a light radiated from behind the cover of green. The light ran up and around, outlining a door. With a muffled sound, the door cracked open and Cristobel hurried forward. She wrapped her small hand around a tarnished knob and encouraged me to follow her.

With a secret smile, she disappeared within the dilapidated house and I followed, my eyes already adjusting to the magical light within. Cristobel’s secrets were just beginning to unfold.


Jennifer DeSantis is a Horror and Paranormal Author and host of the #FridayPictureShow. She lives near Philly with her family. In her spare time is an aspiring ninja.


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